Monday, October 12, 2015

Baby Scarlett Lilly Taylor

Welcome to the world Scarlett Lilly Taylor!  From the first moment we ALL were in love. What a joy it is to have you join our eternal family. Your Dad and I cant wait for the fun that we will have and all the cuddles and kisses. Your big sister and brother are beyond thrilled to help mommy with the new baby. With any cry they jump up and put the binky in your mouth until you are calm.  I can tell your friendships will grow and become a sacred bond. How wonderful.

Birth Story:
A lot of mixed feelings during the last month of pregnancy. The last trimester rocked my world. I was sicker than with my first two kids combined! So I was ready to feel normal again but, most of all I was ready to hold her in my arms. On the other hand I knew I was going to miss her feet up in my ribs, her bum sticking out of my belly, and all her other little movements. I feel so blessed to have this privilege to bring another little human into this world.

Upon being completely ready to have her delivered I considered being induced. So we set the date for September 7th. Luke and I were worried to have her on Rex's birthday but I felt strongly to have her go naturally. We tried almost everything to have her come the week before. Friday afternoon Dr. Howard stripped the membranes in hopes it would start labor. Nothing happened that day so we planned to continue with the induction.  Saturday morning I took Claire for a little one on one and went for pedicures. I chose a coral red in celebration of Scarlett.  Then we went to Costco and walked around shopping for as long as I could stand with the braxton hicks contractions. After a family night with Claire and Rex. Dad decided to go to bed. I wasn't tired so I watched TV until i fell asleep on the couch. Around 11PM I woke up to my water breaking! But i had no idea that's what it was!! I literally thought I peed a little! I saw that I lost the plug and went to tell Luke that there is a chance we may have to take the kids to Marmie and Popies and head to the hospital.  My contractions started and were about 20min apart the entire night.  (I think I was some what in denial that I was in labor because we felt bad it was on Rex's day.) But it continued on.... I texted Aunt Alissa what happened and said to get to the hospital because it sounded like my water broke! haha
I called the doctor and of course Dr, Howard was not call that day!! Dr. Sun called me back and said to come the hospital where they would confirm that it was in fact my water that broke,
I already had everything packed so before we left we had one last thing to do! And that was to make sure we celebrated Rex's birthday. Marmie and Popie came over, Dad went and picked up the Iron Man cake and we opened up his gifts! Rex got really embarrassed the attention was on him so we believe that Scarlett came so they could celebrate the day together from then on!

The kids left to Marmie and Popies to stay for the duration we were in the hospital. The kids were thrilled and so were we!!  Luke and I arrived to the hospital where they took me in to get tested. Sure enough it was my water that broke!! She checked me and I was at a 3!  My contractions were about 7 min apart and we got all checked in. I felt pretty good through my contractions at that point so I said I wanted to wait for the epidural,  After an hour the nurse said Dr, Sun wants me to be on ani-biotics since it had been a while from the time my water broke and also pitocin!  After another hour my contractions were getting stronger so I decided that it was time for the epidural. It took another 20min for him to get there.... I was getting worried that I wouldn't get it  in time since I wasn't prepared for an all natural delivery!!! As he was doing the epi my contraction doubled in pain and I was shaking!! I could feel that he put the needle in to far to the right and it was. He tried to fix it but the right side of my leg and upper right of my back were numb.....and NOTHING else! He said give it 20 mins and that he would come back if I wasn't happy with it. Well.... we didn't get that far!  I whispered to Luke about 5 min after that I felt the need to push. (I tried to ignore it, after all I had 4 more hours until midnight!) My eyes watered and I started praying for the epi to work....please, please, please!!!!

 So she decided to check me..... she said I was a 6 but paper thin..... and with in 1 minute I progressed to a 10!!!!! Ouch!!!  I was like are you sure?? My pain level went through the roof and the feeling to push went to me yelling, "Its burning.....and I HAVE to push!!"  She pulled the emergency cord and people started rushing in!
Where  was Dr, Sun??  But at the other hospital with another patient!!!  They whisked the Doctor that was in the room next to me. Dr. Oland.  He was an ANGEL. So nice and talked me through it all. I stared at Luke and told him that I was scared. All he could do was comfort me and tell me that I can and HAVE to do it. haha   I kept saying that it hurt with each contraction.... and my nurse said that in order to have relief I had to push!!!  She was right. After experiencing the ring of fire out came my precious little girl!!!! I just remember spot lights all around and the image of Scarlett being lifted and placed in my arms! She was here. FINALLY. :)   "We did it," I kept telling her....we made a good team and we got through it together.
With tears in our eyes we stared in complete awe of her as she immediately started sucking her thumb and hand. Dad had the camera and tried to capture every moment!  Our sweet girl born at 7:47pm, was 7lbs 6oz, 19.75in long,  Absolutely PERFECT.

Claire and Rex came to see you for the first time in the hospital and they adored you then and now. Claire got to hold you first with a huge smile on her face and said, "Ohhhh shes so cute! Shes like a little cupcake." Rex kept shouting, "I want to hold IT, I want to hold IT!" haha  He comforts you as you cry and says, "It's Okay baby, it's Okay," Claire was a little miffed she didnt get to choose your first name, so we decided to let her choose your middle name. Claire chose Lilly. They have nothing but, hugs, kisses, and love for you.
 We had your name Scarlett picked out about a few weeks before you were born. It was only perfect since our wedding color and favorite color is RED, which is the meaning of your name. I have always thought it was a beautiful name and it went well with Claire and Rex.

We love you girl and cant wait to take you to Disneyland and have many other adventures together.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Birth Story

Rex Carter Taylor
8lbs 7.4oz, 20.5inch long
At 41 weeks, Luke and I prepared for the hospital. After cleaning the house, packing our bags, and last minute shopping, we took Claire over to Luke's parents house to spend the night. After eating my last meal of Chinese food,  we took a little nap and made sure Claire got comfortable and was asleep. At 11:45pm we headed to West Valley Hospital to be induced. We got right in and settled in the delivery room. The nurse started the induction using the gel and after laying in bed for an hour got up to walk around the hospital floor. Immediately the contractions started. Before heading to the hospital I was maybe dilated to a one and stayed at a one until around 9 in the morning. By then I was at a 3 and the contractions got more and more intense. Dr. Howard came in and broke my far the most painful part of this delivery!  Ouch! my foot was by Dr. Howard and I told him I was going to kick him and I almost sent him flying off the bed! Luke was so sweet and held my hand.  With the Pitossin and breaking my water, the contractions were really strong. So I decided it was time for the epidural. My anesthesiologist was a nice guy with a Jamaican accent. My epi was perfect! As soon as I couldn't feel the contractions anymore I thought I would be able to get a nap in....but within 1.5hr I started feeling the need to push! I kept ignoring it because I thought no way was I at a 10 already. After a half hour I told the nurse and she checked me....sure enough I was at a 10! I did 2 pushes for the nurse for her to see where the baby was at and she told me to not push anymore....the doctor needed to be here! I said good, I need to freshen up before he comes. I added my warrior paint by powdering my nose and adding a little mascara. I was ready to go.  Thank goodness Dr. Howard's office is not even a mile away. People started coming in and out preparing for the arrival. Me, still thinking it was going to be another hour before Rexs' arrival.....Oh no I had ONE contraction with Dr. Howard and out came Rex!!! He came out posterior, Face UP, just like Claire did! I guess that's just how I have them.
I was soooo excited to see my BOY! I almost lost it crying but was able to pull myself together. They layed him on my chest and I will never forget meeting my little man for the first time. Love at first sight...
Luke isn't very good at remembering to take pictures, so I kept telling him to get a pic of this or that, then with my legs still in the air and Rex still attached I grabbed the camera from Luke, so I could take the picture of him cutting the cord. haha Although all you can see are the hands.
I did tore in one spot, Dr. Howard said when they come out face up there is nothing pushing against them so they almost come shooting out, otherwise I may not have torn at all.
Literally within 5 minutes of Rex arriving Luke said his family was at the hospital waiting room! Even though my legs were still numb and I looked Like I had been through a tornado.... It was wonderful having family there right away. How excited everyone was to see Rex!!
I had a wonderful hospital stay, great nurses, and I loved my doctor!!! 
Dear Rex,
I wanted so desperately to start singing..."I know you, I've walked with you once upon a dream. I know you, your eyes are so familiar a gleam!!" I know you were sent to us for a reason. You are a Son of our Heavenly King and we are so lucky to have been given a chance to be your parents. We are so in love with you already. You have a great big sister that is so eager to teach you how to crawl, walk, and laugh. And a Dad that cant wait to teach you how to throw a ball. Oh the fun we will have.
Thank you for being in our lives and in our hearts, our little Prince Rex.
Daddy, Momma, and Claire Bear


Sunday, July 8, 2012

32 weeks already??

Here is a pregnancy update! I am currently 32 weeks along and cant believe it. This has just flown by so fast.

Here are some fun prego stats:

1. I started off the first trimester demolishing over six jars of pickles.....seriously couldn't get enough!

2. Second trimester I turned to cereal and cookies. If I could have every meal eating chocolate chip cookies I would be totally satisfied. haha

3. My favorite smell I turn to in time of need is Zest soap. Hands down the best smell in the world.

4. I have gained the appropriate amount of weight, still depressing though so I will not be posting the amount.

5. I think Angelina Jolie is full of it. Her words: "Girls take away beauty, while boys give it." Is a load of crap.  haha I look the exact same as I did with Claire.  I don't have a huge belly, I seem to carry far back, with the boys feet jammed inside my right ribs. But I do feel I have gained weight in places I never gained before. My back and arms....gross and weird!
- I also developed "pregnancy mask" otherwise known as Melasma. I noticed it after taking walks in the morning in the hot sun. Apparently it gets darker the more sunlight it gets. So I have been loading up the sun block and wearing hats for more shade.  I think I had it with Claire but, being back east didn't get as much sun so I really didn't think much of it then.

6. I have only swelled up so slightly that only I can notice. My ankles were really bony to begin with .

7. Baby Boy moves a lot and loves to kick me on my right side and stretch all the way out.  He had the hiccups for the first time the other day  and I put Claire's hand on my belly. She thought that was pretty cool.

8. I ask Claire every if she is excited for Baby brother to come and she always says, " Yeeess." (When her favorite word is NO, that's a big deal) When asked where Mamma's Baby is she points and says, "In Mamma's belly!"  "He goin to come pway wiff me!"

9. I have had acid reflux once so far, a couple of weeks ago on our Lake Powell trip with some friends. ( I will do another post on this soon)  I felt terrible and really hope that I don't get it again!

10. We are currently working on Baby Boys room. I am enjoying picking out the paint, bedding, and decor.  I think I Will finally feel ready for him to come when its all finished.  The theme I picked is "Things that go." I like the old rustic trucks, and trains, etc.  I found a mobile on eBay that I love and cant wait for it to come in. It has air balloons!!!!

 _prego pics to post soon!_

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Having a Baby Boy!!!

So back tracking a little... We found out in January that we were expecting baby #2 and were so thrilled! We almost couldn't believe it. I think it seriously took me 3-4 weeks before it really sank in. We had been trying since August and we decided to wait to share the news until our first doctors visit and when I was 12 weeks along.  We had a miscarriage back in July that shook our world a little; which is another reason why it probably took me a little more time to really get in the mind set. But, we couldn't be happier to expand and strengthen our little family with a new little one.

We told the good news to our parents on Valentines Day. We made them a cute V-day Owl Card that said, "Guess who's going to be a big sister!!??" And it had a picture of Claire with her shirt that said BIG SIS!

When we found out the sex of the baby Luke, Claire, and I were all expecting it to be a girl. (Only due to the fact that my pregnancies felt almost the exact same and that Luke was joyfully doomed to only having daughters:) So when the tech said it has a little weenie ......I kept looking at Luke for his reaction. He stayed pretty humble in the doctors office, so when he asked me what we were doing for dinner afterward I originally said, "oh lets just get a pizza and go home." And Luke said,"I have to admit I am pretty excited that its a Boy....were going out to celebrate!!!" haha
 I can just see them camping at Father's and Sons, playing sports, playing cops and robbers, running around like a crazy boy, but really I am so excited to have that special Mother and Son bond too.

Baby Boy Taylor......
We have prayed for you, longed for you, and feel really blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you for picking us to be your parents. Your big Sister is so excited for you to come and play with her. She always says, "There's a baby in Mama's belly!" And even though she wants to call you "sister," she tells everyone she is having a Baby Brotter!!!!

Easter 2012

My little Southern Bell!!!!

I had a hat like this when I was little and about died when  saw this one, so I had to get it for her. It was sooooo hot after church, I took about 5 pictures and called it quits. I am glad this one came out, so pretty with the Palo Verde Tree behind.

I should have only bought the magnifying glass and scrapped the rest. That was all she cared about. Silly girl....go  for the chocolate!!

We also got her a Sand Crab box filled with sand toys for her Easter gift. Claire calls it her sand castles. LOL
Searching for eggs at Marmie and Poppies house!!